Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Unclaimed Something

     The Indiana Attorney General's office runs the Unclaimed Property Division.  Periodically, they place ads in the newspapers, listing names of people who've got something (generally money) claimable.

     My sister texted me the other day: I was on the list. 

     So was my late mother.  She's got several small listings, in fact, and I need to tell my brother (who has a couple dollars waiting from the BMV himself), since he's her executor.

     As for my unknown amount, I went to their site, entered the name and -- there I was.  There are forms to fill out with various identifying information; I did so and the state says they'll send me a check in a few weeks.

     Okay, this is pretty much the modern-day version of finding a twenty-dollar bill and seventy-five cents in cash between the sofa cushions, but hey, money that would have otherwise been missed. -- and direct benefit from My Tax Dollars At Work.  Shouldn't pass that up.

1 comment:

fillyjonk said...

Here's hoping you wind up doing less paperwork to claim your bucks than I am having to do for my dad's estate. (I am named a joint beneficiary on a couple things, along with my brother).

the money will be helpful but it takes a lot of overcoming-of-inertia to do that paperwork. (I am sure it's a grief thing, my dad passed less than three weeks ago)