Sunday, May 03, 2020

"Gee, It Got In Everywhere...."

     Signed on my computer this morning to get a lovely screen from Microsoft offering to show me how to integrate my content and apps across multiple devices!  Oh, the convenience of it!  Yay, hooray!  Hoo....


     No.  Hard pass.

     Repeat after me:* cross-device linkage is cross-device vulnerability.  Sharing where your web-browser's tabs are pointing, the contents of your Photos and Documents folders and so on means exposing them to the web -- and to any netizen clever and/or crooked enough to get into them.  Don't do it.  We're all too exposed to risks already.
* The link is the asterisk.  Follow it!


RandyGC said...

Set up Darlin' Daughter as a new user on the laptop last night to lend to her until the new power supply for hers comes in. Forgot how insistent the OS is about wanting you to sign in with a Microsoft ID. Yeahhh no.

Like you, I don't need or want everything I have on one device auotmagically synced together. I prefer to copy stuff manually to make sure what I have on each device is only what I need on that device. Even if I trusted M$/Google/whomever. (which I don't, but then I don't trust a lot of things).

Old NFO said...

That we are. Good advice!