Tuesday, May 19, 2020


     This was going to be a kind of generic post about having a lot to do and not much time or motivation to do it.  Holden the new cat fixed that for me.

     That's what it started out to be.  I was running a tub of water -- my various aches and pains are bothersome enough that I do so several times a week -- and had stopped it about a quarter full, to let the water heater catch up.

     I left the washroom door open and went into the office to work on my post.  Right after Blogger's compose window opened, I heard thump-Splash! Thud, pit-pat, pit-pat, pit-pat....  I looked up to see the tip of the tail of New (and still very young) Cat Holden vanishing though the door from the hallway into the dining room/library, and a trail of wet footprints and splashes leading back to the washroom door.

     Yes, Holden had decided to jump into the tub. And right back out when he learned that water is indeed wet.
      He was more surprised than annoyed when I caught up with him, picked him up and hugged his very wet belly against my bathrobe.  I carried him back to where I could grab a bath towel, then lugged cat and towel into my room, where I could set him on the bed and start to dry him off.  I was able to blot a lot of water from his front legs and chest, and then wrapped him up in the towel to get more water from his torso.  That was only okay with him for a little while.  Trying to towel off his tummy and back legs resulted in a little drying and a short, happy play-fight between Holden and the Mysterious Hand-In-Towel Creature.  I carried him into the washroom and tried my hair dryer, but he was terrified of just the sound of it; so he got as much more towel-drying as he would tolerate and I had to leave it at that.
Proof that tomcats are like small boys: Weaponized Washing Behind The Ears!
     As I type, he's sitting on one of the pull-out shelves of my desk (see above), grooming his hind feet. 


Jeff the Baptist said...

We have an old tom (14ish years) and queen who will be year in July. The little girls gets into everything including the tub when my son takes a bath. Thankfully she's a short hair so even if I can't chase her down with a towel, she doesn't make much of a mess.

Eck! said...

I bet he stops hiding in the tub.


fillyjonk said...

When I was growing up, my parents' cat decided to demonstrate her acrobatic skills by walking around the edge of the tub while I was taking a bath. Her skills were not as good as she thought.

It sounds like Holden is more chill than she was; as I remember it, she not only leaped out of the tub, she TORE out of the bathroom, and according to my mom, around the house, while my mom chased her with a towel. (It was winter, it was the 1970s, the cat was getting older....) Eventually my mom caught her to dry her off but she was NOT happy. Then again, she was rarely happy about anything, she was that sort of a cat.