Friday, May 08, 2020

Times Are Too Weird

     I had a nice little essay, a version of one I posted elsewhere, on the importance of wearing a mask out of politeness and consideration for others.  But it says nothing yesterday's little cartoon doesn't and I am convinced that the people who refuse to wear masks -- for whatever reason -- cannot be persuaded to.

     They seem to think that because they are such good people, they could never, ever be a carrier of an illness, and since the main thing a mask does is keep you from sharing your germs and viruses with other people, why bother?

     But that's not how it works.  Viruses don't care who you are and this one is highly communicable.  You are almost certainly not immune to it -- possibly not even if you have already had it.

     Making mask-wearing a "virtue signal," making the wearing or not wearing of them into some way of signalling your political beliefs is a huge mistake, one that helps spread this virus.  There are groups encouraging not wearing masks, despite the fact that at the very worst, a properly-worn mask does no harm.  What is their agenda?  Why do they want you to risk spreading a highly contagious virus?

     I can't make you stop such behavior.  All I can do is ask.  Please don't be a disease vector.  Please don't treat the people around you like they are disposable.


fillyjonk said...

I don't like having to rely on the kindness/common sense of my fellow humans for my own safety. Yes, I do, every time I go out on the road, I guess, but that's easier somehow to ignore than the mask thing...

I'll keep wearing a mask when I go to the grocery. But also, since so many people around here are refusing to wear them? My once-every-10-days-or-so grocery trips are the ONLY trip I'll be taking out. I know it's not good for my mental health to be so isolated but right now my physical health is more important, I can get my broken brain and emotions fixed after this is all over, I guess.

Still, I wish people were less adamantly opposed to doing something that is fundamentally being kind to other people.

Carteach said...

I despise wearing anything over my face, even in the deepest depths of Winter.

In my car I keep a mask, and a neck gaiter which serves as a mask also. I use them, too. Why? Because I'm an adult, mature, man and I can choose what makes sense over what is comfortable.