Saturday, May 16, 2020

I Missed A Day

     I never miss a day's blogging.  Not in years.

     I did last Monday and didn't notice it.  Weird times (plus a vacation week) and having to break ties with some longtime online acquaintances over Shiri's Scissors issues* distracted me and I never caught it.

     That's the way the times are.  And they're just getting started.  There's a big, ugly lump in the early stages of making its way through the world's economy right now and it's going to be a long while before we find out just how big and how ugly -- and if the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is going to keep on making it worse.

     We've got some bad memes hiding under the skirts of this pandemic and the political baggage nitwits have decided to saddle it with.  Those things are worse killers than any bug short of the Black Death; bent memes brought nations to ruin in the 20th Century and they're set to do worse in the 21st if we don't get a handle on them.  For a fictional look at how this kind of thing might play out, read John Barnes' "Daybreak" trilogy: Directive 51, Daybreak Zero and The Last President, and then look at the evening news or social media where echo chambers rub up against one another for examples.
* Look, vaccination prevents disease with very low risk and the anti-vaxxer stuff has been so thoroughly debunked that the only people pushing it are probably on the payroll of the Voluntary Human Extinction gang; mask-wearing that covers the nose and mouth during public interactions does slow the spread of respiratory illness while not increasing your personal risk (and acting surprised when people give you dirty looks for not wearing a mask is disingenuous at best); the United States of America did send men to the Moon and bring them back safely, beginning with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969.  These things are facts and I am not obliged to respect your opinion if you deny them.


Paul said...

I doubt I will catch it but wife still wants be to do a full decon every time I go out.

surprises me that she is not making me where a mop suit to go out.

Tam said...

The mask isn't to keep you from catching it. A procedure-type mask *won't* keep you from catching it.

"Procedure masks" are called that because the people in operating theaters wear them during surgical procedures, and the reason they wear them isn't to keep from getting sick from the guy on the table.