Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Hot Dog Soup

     I wouldn't call it "Depression cooking" but it's certainly economical.  It was a common lunch or dinner treat at home when I was growing up.

     Just take canned vegetable soup and slice a couple of hot dogs into rounds about a quarter-inch thick, adding them to the soup.  Heat and eat -- you'll know it's done because the hot dog slices will bulge in the middle.  This feeds about two, with sides (PB&J, for instance, or celery and carrot sticks.  Or both); you'll want more soup and dogs to feed more people or if you skip the sides.

     Last night, I used a couple of cans of non-condensed soup and three hot dogs (splurge!).  Amy's brand alphabet soup (low-fat, no less, which the good Hebrew National hot dogs aren't) and their french-style vegetable soup.  Kind of an upscale version of what, in hindsight, was the result of a tight budget and five mouths to feed.  It was just as good as memory tells me the original was, and that's something to treasure.

     There are likely to be some tough times ahead.  Small comforts can be helpful.


Captain Witold Pilecki said...

Hebrew National is my favorite brand of hotdog and they are all beef. Because like their commercial says, "We're Kosher, and have to answer to an even higher authority...."

For your viewing pleasure:

My personal favorite is slicing them up in a can of Bush's Grillin' Beans

Carteach said...

A sack of flour and a recipe book.

I buy my flour from an Amish store near us. $10 for 25 pounds.

RandyGC said...

Beans and Dogs was a staple of tight times eating when I was a kid. I still make it just because I want to. One can and some dogs is enough to feed CINCHOUSE and myself.

BuckShot Slim-- Formerly TSG said...

If you'd like to go "first class" you could slice up the hotdogs toss in a can of mixed veggies and some rice. Had some yesterday.