Saturday, March 01, 2008


Breda has an especially good post up anent fighting back.

She links to several other posts by other bloggers that are also well worth reading. Personal encounters with, well, Evil.

I've seen that elephant my own self. Twice at least, back when I was unarmed and most unaware; I'd tell the tale but others have done so and better. The condensed version of the worst: I ran. Bad guy caught up. I threw a bag of groceries at him. He shot and missed, closed the few feet remaining, knocked me down and got my purse and the wad of cash I used to carry in lieu of credit cards. Meanwhile back at the car, my ex was being divested of wallet and watch by the other three goblins.

Next time? I don't want a next time. My adrenaline reactions are harsh; my decision-making process becomes very rapid and very short-term. My hope and goal is to face it on my feet, resisting.

Why would anyone do anything else?


Bonnie said...

I've never been robbed like that - I hope I never am.

Why would anyone do anything else?

I ask myself the same thing. It's amazing what people WON'T do to save themselves.

phlegmfatale said...

I knew it had to be bad-- your elephant-- but I hated reading that'd happened to you. Horrifying to feel powerless to such morally bankrupt lunatics. Good for you for evening the odds.

Tango Juliet said...

Ms X, I've been lucky. I've never seen this elephant and hope I never do.

John Stossel, one of the few friends we gunowner types have in the national media has an article up on RealClearPolitics. Abundant commentary on his article and gun control follows his piece.

I would invite all those who have "seen the elephant" to post there. I believe such stories have much more impact and much more potential to shift opinion than dry academic speechifying.

breda said...

I hope there isn't a next time either - I'd much prefer knowing you were safe.

And thank you for linking me, Roberta.