Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Horror-Movie Cliche:

Just when you thought it was safe, there's another one of them!

Well, that was predictable.

Sadly, the story notes as routine that Senate openings are rare. Let's stop sending incumbents back. I don't care how happy you are with your guy, or me with mine (not. Not at all), give them a nice vacation: present your Senators and Representatives with a term off! C'mon, either they're such hard-workin' guys and gals they deserve it, or they're such meddling jerks they have it coming, right? We shouldn't have to be waiting for them to die before we check out new talent. It's hard to see how new blood could do any worse than what we've got now.

Update: I'm not the only one who thinks so.


Bruce B. said...

Oh Roberta, there's a whole bunch of them. Imagine my chagrin to hear that Chris Kennedy (Teddy's nephew, Bobby's son) has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of my alma mater. There goes the value of my degree.

tooldieguy said...

Unfortunately the days of political service being a sacrifice are long gone. Maybe they should be brought back.

I enjoy your blogs (there's an old Royal manual typewriter sitting in my shop. I use it to make stencils for etching.)

Old Grouch said...

Political service being a "sacrifice"?


Sevesteen said...

Until further notice, I will not vote for an incumbent of the current majority party for any national office. If the incumbent isn't part of the majority, then I'll vote issues.

rickn8or said...

I'm thinking of someone in Arkysaw that was referred to as "The Comeback Kid".

We all know how THAT turned out.

Steelghost said...

I always saw them like local sports teams. Most people seem to tink that their local team is better than everyone else's. The other thing being, that the longer one of those clueless nitwits is in Washington the more they can do for their constituents. Thats the theory, right?

Larry said...

You're definitely not the only one who thinks so...

George said...

Roberta ... you already know my views on voting for politicians ... of whatever stripe. However, reading that CCN article was enough to cause a certain amount of gorge rising. (I did spit up a bit in my mouth.)

Of course, you don't have it as bad as we Great White Northers do. Our senators are picked by the government of the day ... for LIFE or 75 years of age, whichever comes first.

Any other mechanism is better than that. Still ... terms limits sound good but I really like the idea of not voting for any incumbent.


mv = mydona ... just in case you're feeling romantic.

Frank W. James said...

They could earn some credit in my view if they would adopt the same healthcare scheme they want to foist off on us and play with it for awhile before doing anything further. And oh yeah, rachet back their pension program to something resembling our real world.

As for Indiana Senators; I'm with you Bobbi. Turn 'em out!!!

All The Best,
Frank W. James