Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vote Out Justice Steven H. David!

Hoosiers, your chance is coming!

Quick read: These esteemed legal lights -- shining or dim as they may actually be -- are appointed for ten-year terms and are required to bail at age 75; but they have one more hurdle to slither under: in the first General Election after completion of the Justice's second year takin' up space in office, he's up for a retention vote.

Our Boy was elevated 18 October 2010: unless I missed count, he's on the bubble in 2012. Please vote to dump him.

(I nearly always vote to remove Justices. Why keep 'em around? Give some other poor sod with a law degree a chance to make a mess of things.)

Update: Bad cases make bad law. There's also some noise that this will be a huge negative for the presidential aspirations of Mitch Daniels; while he's not accountable for the pool of judges he has to pick from, thanks to the elitist "Missouri Plan" used here, a bill was passed prior to his latest appointment to the Court that would have changed that. Mitch vetoed it. Not exactly good evidence for any ability see how all the pieces interact, if you ask me.

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Keads said...

Sorry I cannot vote on this.