Saturday, September 28, 2013


     It seems likely -- a Hancock County man, already under investigation after making threats to "blow up" a hospital and harm pharmacy workers, was shot and killed by his wife last night.  Details are not forthcoming and at this writing, she's being held as a person of interest, a carefully-neutral term.  (Local government had already started legal proceedings to disarm the man under a law enacted after an IPD officer was killed by a well-armed lunatic.)

     Police are saying the dead man had "a large cache of assault weapons."  That could mean anything from a half-dozen cheap AR-15s to a collection of military rifles like Tam's -- or even a King's ransom in arms and ammo. 

     Waiting to see how this plays out but early indications are that a dangerous man was stopped by an armed citizen who happened to be his wife.  It's a tragic situation no matter what the whole story might be.


Anonymous said...

Q - When does a collection become a cache or arsenal?

A - When the government disapproves of the owner!


John A said...

Police are saying the dead man had "a large cache of assault weapons." That could mean anything from a field full of UK Chieftan tanks to a large selection of steel-toe boots.

Stranger said...

To the media, two would be a large number. Without numbers it is hard to tell what the defunct had.

However, having been forced to deal with violent, threatening alcoholic nut jobs; and having had some of that ilk kill a half dozen of my friends, or children of my friends, my sympathy is definitely with the wife. To whom a nice safe cell is probably a relief.

My wagering limit is low, but I would bet the limit that her actions were in response to a threat. Whether the prosecutor sees it that way is another matter.


Jess said...

Another media distortion.

The basic fact - if it was out of self-defense - is that someone had the ability to save their life with a tool that's best for such a purpose.