Monday, March 31, 2014


     Findings from Saturday's outing:
     Goodell-Pratt is good stuff!  My brace collection is almost complete: I now own a "corner brace."

     It's more sophisticated than it may first appear.  The knob is flat on one side; the flat is tangent to the ratchet, so you can drill holes very close to a corner.  The little widget off to one side is the ratchet control: pull it out, turn it 180 degrees, and the ratchet is reversed!

     Here's the bit-holding recess, shaped to the receive the square frustrum of a typical brace bit.  The clamp screw is stuck -- I hope to free it up but the drive works fine without it.

     Tiny pipe wrench, just because.

     Set of wood-screw countersink/starting hole drills, not antiques but useful and they were priced to sell.

     Radio parts!
     (Pilot light holders, balanced-line insulators, binding post, 4-prong plugs, small knife switches, breadboard sockets, six-prong plug, quarter-inch phone jack.)

     Here's a telephone transmitter.  Dimensions appear standard, design is of an older sort.

     And a variometer!  Nifty variable inductor.

     I also picked up a dozen QST magazines from the late 40s/early 50s and a collection of the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe.  Not a bad haul!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I approve of the corner brace.

Robert Fowler said...

The corner brace is way cool. At a auction a few years ago, I picked up two antique hand saws. One has a very thin, narrow blade for doing trim work. I need to get a brace or two just so I will have them for hard times. That would go well with my saws and planes. Looks like you know the good places to shop.

Jerry said...

What! No turbo-encabulators?

SJ said...

Did the Edgar Allen Poe book come with some mechanical implements also?

I'm imagining a pit and a pendulum.

Roberta X said...

No turbo-encabulators; saw a little Remington adding machine, a old model I do want, but someone had hammered off the "clear" key, which is somewhat improbably located at a somewhat odd angle.

Also neither pits nor pendula. Sad, really.

Robert, a brace and a proper set of bits is a handy thing to have -- as is a socket-drive adaptor for it.

Cincinnatus said...

Tsk, tsk, Tam warned what would happen if you didn't lock the car doors....

Just kidding, those are some neat finds.

Ken said...

Pretty cool. Makes me wish I had my old candlestick phone. Back in 'eighty and seven, I bought a phone from a guy who took original candlestick, wall, and and desk phones, and upgraded the guts to modern (contemporary) network standards, so I had an awesome brass candlestick phone with a rotary dial. Miss it.