Monday, June 05, 2017

Oh, Boy: Monday!

     I don't even mean it sarcastically, or at least not very.  After working sick all last week, sick enough that I had a nap for lunch one day and probably should have on others, today I am feeling sufficiently better that I can hope to accomplish more and maybe -- just maybe! -- do so in something other than a zombie shuffle.

     Right now, just about everything is hovering near empty.  My pens need filling and so does the car, while I'm personally about a quart low on coffee.  An egg fried in pumpernickel is helping fill the void and I'm working on the rest of the list.

     Colds and/or allergies have long been my nemesis.  At least this one never quite kept me home.

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Anonymous said...

The opposite of TGIF is GDIM!