Friday, January 10, 2020

This And That

     Ended up sleeping most of the day yesterday, other than a light lunch and light dinner.  It didn't prevent me from getting a full night's sleep last night, so it must have been what I needed.

      The TV news has seemed preoccupied - or co-preoccupied, anyway -- with the current goings-on of the Windsor family.  We fought a war so that we didn't have to pay attention to them, and yet somehow we can't quite look away.  Ignore all the "throne of Empire" -- well, Commonwealth -- stuff and you've got a young couple stepping back from the family business to go their own way, a story that plays out every day all across the planet.

     The other news preoccupation is the President of the United States and what may or may not be going on with Iran.  Whatever it is, it's not going to end soon; we're three (or is is five?*) Administrations into the current troop-heavy version of the Great Game and the only constant is, we can't get out without leaving a power vacuum that will soon fill with the worst possible replacement.  Some of my left-leaning Facebook contacts are sounding the alarm about how Mr. Trump's got to be removed and I'm reading it, thinking the impeachment process is, in fact, underway, so what are they urging that they haven't already got?  The storming of the Winter Palace?  Well, the weather in Florida's not so bad this time of year, but I think the golfers will object.
* Possibly more.  U. S. involvement in Iran goes back to at least the Eisenhower administration.


RandyGC said...

Better to storm the White House. The Secret Service might have mercy on you, but the greens keepers will surely not.

Pigpen51 said...

I wonder if you have checked the date of your FB friends comments about Trump needing to be removed from office. I have been seeing many of the same kind of calls from left leaning people ever since Trump was elected, even before he not sworn in. My ultra liberal, Bernie Sanders loving cousin, and her friends are among those who wish we could still that and feather politicians we didn't like.

Glenn Kelley said...

The OSS/CIA engineered the coupe that installed the shah in 1953 .

Roberta X said...

And who was President in 1953?