Thursday, September 22, 2022

Cheering Or Fuming

      You can almost predict if a person will be cheering or fuming about Donald Trump's latest round of legal difficulties based on their party affiliation. 

      Me, I'm just watching and waiting.  I've made no secret of not liking the man and in my opinion, no one is above the law -- certainly not Presidents, serving or ex.  Nevertheless, being served a search warrant or hauled in to testify is not an indictment, an indictment is not a conviction, and until the trials (if any) end and a verdict is pronounced, people -- even Presidents, even people we personally dislike, even horrible, everyday, powerless individuals who never held office but who have almost certainly done terrible things -- are presumed innocent.

      If you won't extend the same lack of prejudice to a polarizing public figure that you will to a drunken bum who is on trial for allegedly running over a kid on a rental scooter, you're not much of a citizen.  You're certainly not obliged to like them, but anticipatory delight or proxy anger is pointless.  Things will play out however they will and until they do, strong emotion is wasted effort.

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