Thursday, June 08, 2023

Not Saturday

      I woke up convinced today was Saturday.  Fed the cats and laid in bed, half-dozing and watching the news until they started wrapping up, then changed to the channel* that has Saturday morning cartoons -- and got a black-and-white movie with Jimmy Stewart.

      Tam had been up for a while. I not-quite-shouted down the hall, "Hey, Tam, don't they always run news before the cartoons?"

      "This is Thursday."

      "Ha-ha, no it's not.  I went to the endodontist yesterday, so it's...  It's...  Oh, crap.  It's not Saturday, is it?"

      "Like I said."

      So I got up and made breakfast.  I did not immediately Tweet that of course it was Saturday and any claim to the contrary was a plot by my enemies, because grown-ups accept reality.  They don't whine about it, they deal with it.

      Even grown-ups who watch Saturday morning cartoons.
* Thank you, MeTV.  Back when basic cable was a thing, USA network recognized the dwindling number of low-budget independent over-the-air TV stations, surviving mostly on classic reruns and moved to occupy that niche.  A generation later, USA has grown up and serves as a kind of just-barely-junior outlet for Comcast's NBCUniversal.  Meanwhile, the old-time no-network independent stations are largely gone and MeTV saw an opening for that kind of programming on the "dot channels," secondary services of the big free OTA channels and low-power TV stations.  From Saturday morning cartoons to the good old sitcoms and Westerns to weekend monster movies with a goofy host, they've managed to create a high-grade version of the kind of entertaining shoestring operation that used to haunt the UHF dial, cardboard sets, can-do attitude and all.  The graphics are better and the film rarely breaks live on the air these days, but the content is just as shiny as memory insists it was in the old days.

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