Sunday, August 07, 2011


Patches you don't even have to jump in the river for, in fact. There are plenty of super-kewl gunbloggy patches out there, with (IMO) Thirdpower's "Unorganized Militia" patches being the best. Tam's fond of her Gadsden flag Navy Jack and INGO hat patches, too.

But there's a new patch option that may win more than a little love: bacon patches! Yep. Bacon. And don't thank me -- I'd'a never found 'em without a pointer from Matt at Jerking the Trigger.


Bob said...

Don't forget the Monster Hunter International patch sold by Larry Correia.

Roberta X said...

Very, very true!

Anonymous said...

Brigid and Barkley need one of the BaCoN patches.


Matt said...

Thank you for the link Roberta!