Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Tired. So Busy.

If all goes per plan, I will be attending both the Indiana Historical Radio Society's meet and the Ripley County Hamfest.

On the other hand, I'm exhausted as I type this Friday night for Saturday morning posting. But tomorrow's got to better, right? It's just got to.

Update: Or not. An hour and a half into the morning, the merits of simply staying home and taking care of small chores are becoming ever more appealing. I seem to have piled up an enormous sleep debt, too.

(Posted using Safari, after Firefox irked me by starting up...and bombing right out. Don't know why, don't wanna have to find out, but they're turning to the next Windows Internet Explorer. Meanwhile, they tell me Google Chrome tends to crawl up your Secret Places with a magnifying glass. So what's left? Can't burn it to the waterline and install [SOMETHING]nix, I need frikkin' Word and Q10 for writing. Safari mostly works, though last time it couldn't play nice with Blogger's image-shoving software.)

...And in re writing: I couldn't be more tickled to see someone from a Varian* address reading I Work On A Starship. Plus a lot of MYOB last-digits-are-# sooopersekrit URLs. Oooooooo. :)
* The Varian brothers -- innovative, hot-shot Theosophist engineers who ran with avant-garde composers, cutting-edge landscape architects and leaned very far to the Left -- found themselves designing atom-bomb ignition systems for the Manhattan Project (both men later expressed regret) and as microwave innovators, they and their company were deeply involved in the Cold War and seriously burn-before-reading, Commie-thwarting projects. And people say Zen is convoluted?


Carteach said...

I hope your day works out well, and it ends up peaceful and relaxing for you.

Out here, on the edge of OHMYGODWEAREALLGONNADIEstan, it's storm watch day. Actually, I think it may be kick back and read all morning day. That sounds about right.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

There's always OpenOffice for Linux. Probably something Q10-ish as well.

wv: redrom. Here's Johnny!

Laura said...

give Opera a try?

Unknown said...

I'm that Varian employee that reads "I work on a starship". I enjoy the story while working on the sooper seekrit stuff.

OK, no. I work on the medical systems.

Roberta X said...

Suuuuure. "Medical systems." wink. :)

Srsly, welcome aboard!

jed said...

Yeah, OpenOffice is there. I wish i could say I like it, but I can't. OTOH, I don't like MsOffice either. Both are bloated and difficult to operate, without first spending a serious amount of time figuring how they work. I suppose for casual use, it doesn't matter.

I've read a bit about these 'author focused' word processing programs, and I find the idea interesting, though I'm not a writer. But a clutter-free interface is certainly appealing. I can't comment on any of these, but a quick search comes up with:

Oh, and I found a report mentioning that Q10 works under Wine

Hmm, not only that, but Scrivener will be available for Linux.

Roberta X said...

Interesting, though learning yet another set of icons would be a huge challenge -- most of the ones found in Windows mystify me.