Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The little dog proved a quiet, if somewhat frightened passenger in the pet (cat!) carrier, carefully expressing his disapproval of unplanned excursions by means of a steaming mound of criticism in the corner of the carrier, which the vet's office was nice enough to remove. (He had a somewhat shorter but similar opinion of the exam table.)

It all went well withal; when it came time to return home, he was happy to climb back in and refrained from further comment in any form.

Dreamlike: that vet's office has two office cats: an orange tabby tomcat and a tortoiseshell calico! The tom's smaller than Huck (and declawed all 'round, poor guy), while the calico lacks Rannie's dark half-mask. Still, quite a coincidence.

...And at the Skunk Works, North Campus, a day that began well enough augered in when a recently-repaired critical device proved to have a communicable failure upon reinstallation. Even after de-installing the darned thing, the problem remains and has stubbornly resisted diagnosis. An hour after the usual quittin' time (and no lunch, either), I fought it to a should-work situation and vowed to address it again in the morning. It could be two bad cables in a row -- but I have my doubts.

Entirely too exciting.


Joseph said...

My 3 small dogs usually whine somewhat, and sometimes throw up. Poor things, you can't tell them that you are trying to keep them healthy.

WV: Mensch

Sendarius said...

My Tervueren had reason to hate the vet - multiple visits for dressing changes on a mangled foot.

Instead he loved it! He couldn't wait to get in the car if he knew it was vet visit time - I suspect it was the drugs.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I distinctly remember having two full system failures in a row, in the same place, due to two bad USB cables (both brand new, right out of the package). One after the other. That was a lot of troubleshooting. I double-check cables now.