Sunday, October 04, 2015

HAARP: It's A Student Project Now

     Uncle Sam's .mil had been semi-quietly scuttling HAARP -- causing earthquakes, controlling the weather and susceptible minds either being too much work, or at least not enough of an edge to sway a Senate subcommittee -- when University of Alaska Fairbanks, who'd already built the site's fluxgate magnetometer, admitted they'd like to give it a go.  UAF bein' a big old space-grant university,* they were able to swing some funds for locomotive fuel† and snowplowing, and there it is: HAARP's now a student-staffed project.  And it's back in the transmitting business, or preparing to be.

     So don't you come cryin' to me when Indiana soybeans and Ukraine wheat come up paisley, okay?  And for pete's sake, don't get crosswise of UAF. 
* No, really.

† Still, really.


JayNola said...

My understanding was the .mil shut the project down because they didn't want to replace the gensets with tier 3 units. But the article specifically mentions the offending EMDs. UAF must have gotten dispensation somehow.

Kristophr said...

That, or UAF is continuing the fine Alaska tradition of ignoring the Feds.

I eagerly await molar received messages from my new grad student overlords.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Lex Luthor was a student once.

azmountaintroll said...

So was Victor Von Doom.

Anonymous said...

Well, now.

State of Alaska QRP operators (and general SWL'ers) are in a state of mourning while the HF broadcast tube re-builders are dancing a happy jig.

(Much thanks on the link to the tube re-builders on your other blog, that's seriously neat stuff for a low-level RF geek like myself.)

(Sadly, also, there are quite a few dead links in the older articles on Retrotechnologist.)

Old NFO said...

I worked with Bob McCoy for about 6 years. He's a real scientist, and he's been working on atmospheric and radio wave issues for a long time. Some of the other research has ended up on the ISS, and in LEO sats.