Monday, October 05, 2015

Two Sunsets And A Yellow Beauty

     We get some good sunsets in Indiana and this time of year can reward the prepared:

    Same day, a little later:

     Every once in a great while, I have lunch at the former Stutz factory, home to an assortment of business and artists theses days, and one nice eatery (with a bar and a kind of 1920s/30s lunchroom ambiance) called Bearcats.  The building contains many classic cars -- Stutz products and others on display in the corridors and, if you know the right shortcuts, the interesting vehicles driven by tenants and owners:

     Do want!


Old NFO said...

Nice little TR-6! :-)

Roberta X said...

Isn't it! I like the Spitfire and TR2 and 3 a little better but I wouldn't turn up my nose at a TR-6; and the 6 is a little more "civilized" and practical than the 2/3.

Mark said...

Sweet little buggy! Dad's TR 6 was chocolate brown, great little car. Shame he never let me drive it! Did get to drive about everything else.
He had a couple of Fiats, including 850 Spyder, '76(I think)Caddy Eldorado (triple green, landau top, exterior, interior), '72 Chevy C-10 stepside, '73 or '74 Mercury Grand Marquis (YELLOW, so wide I could lay across the seat with the doors closed and not hit and I am and was over 6' tall.), among MANY others.