Sunday, October 25, 2015

Went To The Range

     I do not mind standard-velocity .22, Mandrake -- but it is pretty light-shootin'.

     On a related note, the fixed-and-secured ejector on the Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite upper of my Ruger Mk. II worked just fine through at least 200 rounds (hey, I was short on time).  Made holes right in the middle of the target, with both standard and high-velocity .22.  And if anyone wonders, the nice big H&R 999 was along for the trip; I ran several full cylinders through it and between mass and barrel length, there's not the least muzzle lift when you shoot standard-velocity.  There's barely any with the faster stuff, which is a large part of the fun.  It and the Ruger with aftermarket upper* are essentially similar, with nice big sights and graceful handling characteristics.
* Ruger makes and has made Mk. II and Mk. III versions with very nice bull barrels in similar lengths, which would have answered my wanting bigger sights and a longer sight radius just as well.  At the time, mine was a standard, tapered 4.75" barrel model and I had been eyeing the nice, brightly-anodized uppers for a year's worth of gun shows.

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