Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Man Goes Crazy? Freeway At A Standstill!

     I was half awake; I thought the news story was about some unfortunate with mental problems, in trouble on an interstate through town.

     A cup of coffee and another turn of the newswheel later, I caught the real story: Mangoes!  Crazy enough.  It's a big mess at the North Split between I-70 and I-65, the aftermath of a semi wreck.  They're still cleaning it up -- the truck has been hauled off but the slippery mess of pulped fruit and rainwater remains.

     It was almost better the other way around.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

skidmark said...

[quote]Crews — including back hoes, toe trucks, and workers carrying brooms....[/quote]

Deer Satan, I want a toe truck for Chrizmas this year. I will be good if you bring it to me.

stay safe.

Old NFO said...

AH yes, those 'words' one thinks one hears... I do that all the time, half paying attention and the mind does strange things with words half heard... LOL