Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Man In The High Sukayaki?

     Watched the second episode of the Amazon's take on Philip K. Dick's The Man In The High Castle recently.  It's still excellent.  They used this old pop tune in the music:

     The title is entirely unrelated -- translating the original results in a very Country & Western-sounding, "I'll Walk Looking Up (So My Tears Won't Fall)."  Nice tune, widely covered.  And chilling in the show's context.


Anonymous said...

I've heard and heard and heard that tune for decades and never knew what it was.

Most excellent.

It's been a good year for me discovering who did what song, thanks to the data stream from Rock or Roll or whatever the hell they call the XM geosynchronous satellite, I now know the name of the tune that's been rattling around the mostly-empty space between my ears, it was called Eres Tu.

I was tormented by it for 40 years, now someone else can be harangued by it...

Evil, aren't I?


pigpen51 said...

I remember both of these from my carefree youth. Gosh, what a memory I have. I think it might help that I am a musician by trade, just a cfw, (common foundry worker) by chance.

CGHill said...

I have always loved "Sukiyaki," the silliness of its retitle notwithstanding.

Mocedades' "Eres Tu" was also cut in a version with an English lyric -- it's not really a translation -- which was parked on the B-side of the single.