Thursday, July 14, 2016

Amazon Fire HD7? No, Wrong. Amazon Screwup

     So, on Prime Day, I splurged: $60 for a Fire HD7, to replace my Gen 1 Kindle Fire, now a bit long in the tooth and worn of charging socket, not to mention flaky of firmware.  But it still works!

     The new one arrived today and I was looking forward; I reminded Tam to watch for it, so the box wouldn't get rained on or stolen.  Unpacked it, very nice, Fire HD7, slim and light, yes, yes, plugged it in, did the registration thing and...

     Up pops, "Register your KID'S EDITION to your child!"  No, skip that-- And when I do, it deregisters me entirely, pffft.  So I start over and at the end of the process, you guessed it, "Register your KID'S EDITION to your child!"  They sent me the hard-coded kiddie version.  This is in fact not what I ordered.

     I've sent them e-mail.  I'll report on what they do to make this right.

     Compared to people starving in [wherever], this is a minor thing.  It's still annoying.

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