Sunday, July 24, 2016

You Know What Ends Republics?

     Caesarism, that's what ends republics.  If you don't trust the Romans, ask the French; they've had republics get whacked from within and without by Great Leaders.

     Just an idle thought.


azmountaintroll said...

Caesarism doesn't end a Republic, it merely acknowledges that the Republic has already ended.

Anonymous said...

The Republic's already dead, we're just choosing up sides now. But I am interested in your thoughts about the Libertarian candidate; I am ready to be convinced.

Monty James

Joe in PNG said...

And Caesarism begins with actually believing the populist claptrap coming from the Demagogue's mouth.

The next step is to blame the old laws and safeguards that are holding them back. If only that pesky Constitution wasn't in the way, why, they could REALLY make America great again!

And sadly, a whole lotta people who are super pro 2A are going to happily call for the Constitution to be dismantled and discarded, just as long as it keep the Other People from doing it.

Roberta X said...

Monty, I'm not a salesman, and Gary Jonson's not a Perfect Libertarian. He seems willing to walk the walk and he's got Gubernatorial experience; I think he will stay bought.

I can't afford Mr. Trump or Sec. Clinton. Johnson, I think maybe is within my budget. YMMV.

(And that's the thing: "mileage" will indeed vary. If readers have someone to vote *for,* I'm happy for them; if they are utterly pure single-issue 2A voters, Sec. Clinton is a foe they've *got* to stop. I grok this. NRA about *has* to back Mr. Trump instead of Gov. Johnson, for example. Me, I'm more of a Bill of Rights voter, all ten of 'em.)