Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Welcome To Tuesday!

     Now, get back to work.

     The Glorious Fourth is followed by the workaday but no less Glorious Fifth -- no, sir, not that kind!  Put that down, it's barely gone 0700 -- on which many of us get to go back to pushing the big wheel around.  While I think our civilization has grown altogther too many "Big Wheels" of both the people and the big-stupid-enterprise kind, and especially of the Political sort, we're still doing better all around than most people in history ever dared dream of.

     What rises can fall, just as the humble may become mighty.  While it helps to have chosen the right grandparents, pedigree is no guarantor of success -- nor is it a sure prophet of failure.  This notion of social mobility, along with the ideal that Americans are whoever is willing to become American,* are things that distinguish this country.

     Bear 'em in mind.  You're not locked in.  Sure, you may have debt, you may not like your job or some elements of it; maybe age has begun to blast around you, taking friends and strength.  Maybe you're fretting over a passel of children.  But you are free in ways that few humans in all of history ever were, and likely to be wealthy in ways previous generations would have found incomprehensible.

     To live is to struggle -- get out there and help take a bite out of entropy!
* And what were those Civics classes, if not an exercise in becoming?


fillyjonk said...

Bleah, entropy tastes horrible.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I need a glorious fifth, about right now.