Monday, March 06, 2017


     And I am not looking forward to this.  Saturday, I visited the North Campus to check out a problem my employer has been unwilling to spare me time to troubleshoot, and while there, found signs that vandals had gotten into one of the more dangerous fenced enclosures.  Possibly either children or idiots, given what was damaged and how.  The way things run now (and have for over a decade), site security is the Security Department's lookout, but I'm sure I'll get quizzed on it as if it were still the old days and I was still in sole and responsible charge of that site.

     Some of the damage will slow ongoing projects, too, and the damaged item is something I will have to ride herd on yet a third department to get repaired.

     So there will be a lot of explaining and hand-holding and me working very, very hard to not say anything like "I told you so," or gripe about the official policy towards that location.  Since that's the place I was originally hired to look after, it is difficult to let go -- but let go I must; it simply no longer matters much to my employer nor do they consider messing with it a good use of the time they pay me for.

     At least I got a few small things done around the house this weekend, and had a nice visit from my pal the Data Viking!


Anonymous said...

If they don't care, you shouldn't care. (Caring will just break your heart.)

If times have changed and the site is not important, well things change. (Change being the only constant in the universe, aside from the bureaucratic mentality.)

If the site really is important, and they just don't see it. Then the school of hard knocks will out. If the " as if it were still the old days" then you have only to remind them that they changed those old policies.

Anonymous said...

That should have been If they question you as if it were the old days...