Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Supper And Breakfast: Better Living Through Leftovers

    Last night: deli-counter pork roast, slow-roasted all day and served up with sweet chili sauce, plus fresh asparagus (quick-microwaved with garlic and some red bell pepper) and a small baked potato: mighty fine, and almost no effort!

     This morning: "Breakfast hash" with diced leftover pork (and a strip of bacon), fried diced potato and scrambled egg, with a dusting of "Italian" seasoning, salt and pepper to taste: yum!

     Between the two meals, storms rumbled through all night.  There was a break from about 11:30 pm 'til 4:00 am, or enough of one that nothing woke me.  The rest of the night, I drifted in and out, half-listening for the wail of the storm sirens.  It was that kind of stormy, and Spring's still over the horizon.  An all-night storm takes a lot of juice to keep running -- and reminds me that this year, I'm going to have to get serious about taking down the remaining trees.


D.W. Drang said...

Saw that "Spring's early all over", whisch, of course, when winter starts here...

c-90 said...

Corned Beef Hash: 8 or so rashers of bacon fried up to get the bacon grease, cook chopped 1/4 or less depending on your approval of fried onion, in the bacon grease.

To previously boiled potatos, fold in a can of corned beef mix as much as you want, (pieces of cold boiled potato for chewiness, or almost completely mashed).

Pour the hot bacon grease, crumbled bacon rashers and cooked onion and mix into the hash mixture.

Place back into the large skillet you cooked the bacon and onion in. Heat until warmed to your prefernces.

Eat with lots of tomato catsup.

Better the next day, if any is left.

Windy Wilson said...

Better living through leftovers. Yep, leftovers are such a wonderful thing, I always make extra, which is pretty easy since so many recipes I've collected are of the "serves four"variety. I've found, however, that I can eat dinner leftovers with appetite at the next lunch, but not lunch leftovers at dinner. It's either the meal in between or the sleep in between that makes the difference. I don't know which.

Roberta X said...

C-90: Whoa! I like bacon, but You won't have an open artery left.

WW: I rarely have lunch leftovers -- but I often have leftovers for lunch!

D.W., you're just completely out of sync up there!

c-90 said...

Not every week, but once in a while for the lots and lots of bacon.

4 slices to get enough grease. Is norma load.