Monday, September 02, 2019

Labor Day Breakfast

     Ham and eggs (with a little onion, parsley and black pepper)...
     ...on a cornbread pancake!

     In texture, though not in flavor, the cornbread reminds me of the flat sourdough bread used as both plate and eating utensil in Ethiopian cuisine, and if I'd had the foresight to make a little sauce for the food -- salsa, perhaps?  -- I would have eaten it that way, too. 

     This was the last of the Bob's Red Mill "gluten-free" mix that remains an outstanding counter-example to the usual grim breads without gluten; made it with a little more milk, egg and melted better than you'd use for for a loaf or muffins and it's fine stuff.

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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

There is a boarding house
Far far away
Where they serve ham and eggs
Three times a day
Oh, how the boarders yell
When they ring the dinner bell
They sure give the landlord hell
Three times a day