Wednesday, September 04, 2019

September: Month of Projects

     Managed to dodge it last year; my department at work always used to get into a terrible rush at the end of the year, finishing projects that had money allocated for them that would be lost if they weren't done by the last day of December.

     There were changes in management in the last couple of years, reallocations of responsibility and things smoothed out -- fewer surprises, a little more in the way of useful chiding through the year and a lot less scrambling at the end.

     This year, we're back to the old rush.  A sudden tumble of unexpected work is hitting planned projects that had to be co-ordinated with other companies and Federal agencies and which were already set for the end of the year; the result is, starting next week, I'm going to be pretty darned busy for awhile.

     Working this week to try to get as much lined up in advance as I can, before there's barely time left over to scratch,

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