Thursday, September 05, 2019

Sprocket Printer

     A little while ago, I bought a hundred-dollar HP Sprocket portable printer.  The output is tiny, sticky-backed glossies two inches by three,* but so is the printer.  Barely bigger than a fat smartphone, it is about as science-fictional a gadget as I have seen.

     Some recent events have left me with a little -- alas, very little -- extra money and it was so very tempting!  So I bit.

     I finally had a chance to try it last night, and I'm hooked!  Durability and longevity remain to be seen, but the hardcopy is glossy, colorful and the adhesive appears to work well.  I printed a simple image, an eight-bit, beret-wearing, bearded revolutionary† in black on red, with "VIVA LA RESOLUTION" across it in white, and the print out is as sharp and clear as the original.  The application I'm thinking of is simple labels and fun stickers, and this may be just the thing for that job.
* There's a whole family of these devices, from camera/printers that sell for $90 through plain printers; one version prints even larger images, 2.3" x 3.4" and some versions of the big one are also about $100.  This is not a Speed Graphic or a dot-matrix printer; it cannot be used an an emergency weapon and you don't want to drop it from very high up.  But for what they are, they're pretty kewl.
† In keeping with long-established policy, this blog does not give the names of mass killers.

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