Friday, January 11, 2008

Aliens Have Not Abducted Me

Darn the luck! They always go after some rural type with a third-grade diploma. Probably just as well.

No, I'm enjoying (?) a spot of bother with Digital Television. Cross the dependability of Windows with the user-friendliness of Unix and throw in the physical reliability of a 15-year-old PC, and you're close to the the device with which I am wrestling.

So far, it's ahead, two falls for two.

Can't touch it right now so I am borrowing a few minutes.

I'm saving up for a really big sledgehammer. Want in?


Carteach said...

I have muchin the way of utterly archaic PC parts. The type usually found on pallets at the Haz-Mat dump. Need anything let me know.

Oh... I also own a wide assortement of striking devices, some with their own names. Let me know it you need anything.

Tam said...

Getting picked up by little green men isn't all it's cracked up to be. You want to go to the intergalactic mall. They want to play with the probulator. Next thing you know you're cracking little green skulls with your tire iron and demanding to be taken home right this instant.

Hmm. Kinda like half the dates I've ever been on, when you think about it...

Anonymous said...

"Aliens Have Not Abducted Me"

Maybe, but if aliens had abducted you, that's exactly what we would expect you to say.

So how do we know you're not one of those "pod people" or whatever?

Carteach said...

Hmm.... Turks got a point

Unearthly beauty, uncaged intelligence, warped sense of humor.... HMMMmmmmmmm

Then again, who cares if she IS an alien replacement. I like this one the way she is!

Anonymous said...

From The Simpsons:

Homer hears a knock at the front door. He opens the door.


Homer sees two large space monsters, green, one-eyed, slithering cosmic-things with big space helmets.

"Oh, great! Mormons!"

"Uh, no, uh, actually we're Quantum Presbyterians!" says Monster No. 1.

Roberta X said...

Teach (1): If Only. Device was designed by The Fone Company, or that branch of it that adopted a flaming circle as their sigil. No part of it is generic or universal. One of the boards I (still) suspect costs $14,000.00 American and that's only after they give is $6K credit for the bad one!

Tam: OMG. So true, in'nit? Especially the part about the tyre iron! They're so cute once you've got their attention on Being Nice. ;>

Turk [1]: You don't Your point? :D

Teach [2]: Flatterer! (Please be sure to tell all your friends).

Turk [2]: So that's what they go by! Good, I can't really prnounce "@@*&%3++~" properly, though I did gather the "3" is silent.

...The Actual Truth (tm) is, of course, that the Little People (no, no, the Sidhe ones, not the other) swapped me out, twice I think: took me in from a family of poets and painters, decided after a century of people time I wasn't going to work out in Faerie, and dropped me with a band of itinerant artificers. It explains so much!

Same thing happened to Tam except she was taken from a family of Swedish alchemists and lexicographers and left to be raised by gunners.

Anonymous said...

UNIX is user-friendly. It's just particular about who it's friends are.

Roberta X said...

Homebru: so they tell me. It appears to require a significant degree of intimacy, however, rather than the strained formality Windose tolerates, or the easy chumminess of CP/M. (Advantages Of Poverty, Chapter 1: you get pretty good at outmoded technology).

...On a semi-related note, one of my friends wrote (yes, he did) a version of C; every time I cross paths with any version of the language, which makes almost no sense at all to me, I am reminded of just how frighteningly clever he is.

My own 1337 skilz stop at the nasty version of BASIC that Stamp microcontrollers run. I can make that stuff dance, a feat roughly equal to going after ants with a golf ball. Please don't tell my boss, he thinks it's kewl.

Anonymous said...

I can provide the services of Idaho Hardware Testing should you desire it. See also this video.