Saturday, January 19, 2008

Free Advice

Worth what it costs, too. Just so y'know.

First, the question:
"What's the safest .45 for concealed carry?"

Next, the stunning answer:
The one you are familiar with, have trained with, can and will carry each and every day and are prepared to use when the need arises. It would be the one you do not play with or treat casually. It would be the .45 that you keep your lunch hook off the bang switch of until you are intending to shoot. It would be the .45 the muzzle of which you do not allow to cover anything you're not okay with putting a hole at least a half-inch in diameter through. It would be the .45 that's in your hand when you are sure of your target and what's behind it. It would be the .45 you keep out of the reach of irresponsible children -- and train your responsible children to operate properly, safely and only under adult supervision, okay?

Like the apocryphal Russian Army sergeant said, "Is gun. Is not safe." No weapon is inherently safe. That's your job.

My carry .45's a Star model PD. It's small, light, torque-y and has Star's usual arrangement for their 1911-looking letter-series models, a "safety" that locks the hammer, with the control lever in the usual 1911 position operating in the usual way. The primary safety device for this gun, as for all guns, would be the operator's limited good sense. How's yours?


Anonymous said...

Well said!
["Lunch hook"? Never heard THAT before.]

Carteach said...

Good advice all.

I like to see poeple asking questions, but sometimes I wonder at their need to. What I wonder is... are they really giving this some thought, or just looking for easy answers?

phlegmfatale said...

Excellent answer. As I'm ratcheting up my real estate career, I'll be getting my CHL this year and making that all-important choice about what best to carry.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I had a Star BM that I wish I had never sold.

Roberta X said...

Good heavens, Ahab, they show up at every gun show! Best price I have seen was in the $130.00 range and they're nice little guns. Easily one of the better carry 9s, though I prefer the lighter BKM.