Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ahh, October Blogmeet

I counted sixteen eighteen, including Mark Philip Alger, who live-blogged it.  In addition to Scotch Eggs, a new delight has shown up at Broad Ripple Brew Pub: Mexican White Wings: nice-sized, boneless lumps of chicken with a mildly hot pepper, wrapped in bacon, broiled, then dipped in excellent barbecue sauce: ooooh, yeahhhh.  An Upland Wheat Beer went well with it, at least for my palate.

     I'd arrived a few minutes late, Tam filled in as hostess.  I'd set out on the scooter in plenty of time...and flooded it not a block from home.  Note to self: an extra two minutes idle would not have hurt.

     The Cup of Turonistan was awarded to the attendee who had travelled the farthest, in this case Loki, from distant, rolling lands to the North and West and then even Wester.  It's a large china mug  with a pattern of three red stripes, the widest marked in silver with the traditional Turnonistani symbols of friendship and hospitality: six "bullet hole" symbols, three each side of a single stalk of wheat. And it contained a wonderful thing: a bag of M & Ms with cat and book symbols, a gift from Turk himself!   Unable to break away from his steelpoint etchings, professional camel-breeding and demolition efforts for long enough to attend, Turk did the next best thing by calling in from the NRA range.  (And a good thing he did, too -- I have been known to get engrossed in Blogmeetish conversation and miss awarding the Cup).

     I'd found some tiny (concealable?) squirt guns as well, and handed them out at random; naturally someone had to go load up and take out a few targets; I wish I'd thought of that before Breda did!

     Meanwhile, outside the Brew Pub, their pumpkin-carving contest was going on: youngsters safely using appropriate sharp pointy things under adult supervision, what's not to like?  Broad Ripple is hippie territory, but it is by-Buddha not all Nerfed up.   (Want more evidence?  Go up to the Art Center -- fire and molten glass, flowing metal and some of the most fussy-precise work you ever saw, all under one roof).

     A photo of Caleb and Breda side-by-side was snapped (and we have copies hidden!), possibly for Gun Nuts: The Next Generation.  Looks like they'll be live-blogging the election -- my advice, run the TV (if you must) with sound down and listen to their internet radio show instead.

     Eighteen bloggers and bloggees in attendance:
     Breda and Mike
     Old Grouch
     James Rummel
     Rob D
     Kerry and spouse
     Mr. ------, Tam's shooty pal
     Mad Saint Jack
     Roberta X

     Far too soon, the event was winding down and I scootered home in the ever-stronger breeze.  Winds have increased to the "small craft warning" level as I write and one attendee just called to report having to dodge windblown semis on the freeway.  So Godspeed and travel in safety, friends -- and we'll see you all at the next Indy Blogmeet! 


Turk Turon said...

Thanks for the report. I am so envious! I hope to make the next one.

Roberta X said...

I have to mention you call! ...brb...

Anonymous said...

Good to meet you (and everyone else).

I'll look forward to the next meet as well.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the report of high winds at sea -- er, on the expressway. As the old joke goes, I was blown all over the road.



Roberta X said...

Mark! Tsk. --Just tell me you weren't on a celphone at the same time...

Turk, we're hoping you can attend next time. Haven't picked a date yet -- probably closer to middle of the month, to miss the holiday.

Somerled said...

Thank you for the reportage, Roberta. I always look forward to hearing about it. Someday I'm going to seek the Cup of Turonistan! Thanks, Turk. It's right up there with the Palma Cup.

Anonymous said...

And a very nice mug it is. Thank You Turk. I'll enjoy using it -- after getting some rest. Getting home at one ayem at my age takes something out of me. It was great to meet all of you today.

WV: grogedit -- editing while groggy!

Anonymous said...

Where is this picture?

Crucis said...

Oh, how I wish there was a comparable group in the Kansas City area. Y'all make me jealous. :-(

Quigley said...

It was great seeing everyone again! This is a great group of people and I am looking forward to the next blog meet.

breda said...

we had such a great time - thank you so much for organizing the event! I am carrying the waterpistol in my purse. Never know when I might run into a naughty cat that needs scolding.

(and I, like Ahab, would like to see this photo! I hope it's not as bad as the one over at Alger's)

Roberta X said...

You mean Brigid didn't get a side-by-side photograph? ...I was sure I saw that happen. Aw, rats.

Locally Grown Gardens staff said...

Oh. My. God. I can't believe the Mexican Whitewings have followed me all the way from Texas. Thank God!

Roberta X said...

Tamara points out that they are only going to be on the menu for a limited time: they're on the "Specials" page, which changes regularly.

OTOH, if they're as well-received by others as they were by the BlogMett crew, they may stick around.

Either way, they're tasty!