Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update On British Boy Scout Knives/Blogmeet Prelim

Penknives (blades less than 3") are okay for British Scouts. Don't snicker, it's something. Better than a sharp stick. (Also legaller per UK values for "legal") If you know a Scout over there, make sure he's got one and has learned the rules, hey? If not, fix it.

--Blogmeet/range report later; I had two hard ciders (and a bisonburger, Mom) and I wanna nap. Very nice time, new bloggers, old friends (and my Star PD .45 still runs. Had to reset the sights, though). Another BlogMeet in one week!


B said...

I had a good time!! Nice to have met all of you...Good times, good conversation, good food and good drink.

What better way to spend an afternoon?

It was worth the drive.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I remember that we used to limit the boys to 3" knives. But that was mainly because we didn't want them bringing machetes to the meetings.

The standard Scout knives were all 3" or shorter anyway. Probably for that reason :)

There's a world of difference, though, between limiting them to a 3" knife that actually has some utility, and banning the knife altogether.

B.S. philosopher said...

That Scouting guideline document is dated May, 1998.

I'm not sure that it is still valid after the "epidemic" of "knife crime" forced the government to crack down.

Roberta X said...

Try here: While there's a lot of mealy-mouthing around, it would appear that UK law does not define a folding, non-locking knife with blades less than 3" as a "knife."