Monday, February 28, 2011

Official BlogMeet Report

The multitude (for just a couple of minutes, it looked like we might top out at three) gathered at the appointed place at the appointed hour, and it was goooood.

The Monon Food Company excelled at, how 'bout that, food. Gunblogger recommended!

Clockwise from front left: Don, The Jack, Joanna, Tam, Kerry, Mycroft, Old Grouch, Longhorn Jeff and the space left vacant by The Blogger Usually Known As Me. Note the Wheelbarrows'O'Cash atop the table, too! Jeff handed them out, possibly the reason he looks so happy.

Jeff brought something else along, too, which will be the subject of a future post at Retrotechnologist. (A new link in the top post there, to the Morse Telegraph Club, who put landline telegraphy on the Internet. Try'n top that; you'd need a steam-powered directly steam-operated computer.)


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure in my area that steam is powering my computer, in much the same way that coal powers a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. One doesn't get from coal to computing without using the coal to boil water to make steam to spin a turbine...

Roberta X said...

All right, all right : directly steam-operated computer. Are you happy? I'll go change the blog post.

Tsk, there is no pleasing some people, not even if you hold them at gunpoint. ;)