Wednesday, November 13, 2013


     The Wall Street Journal piece on stopping the next publicity-seeking fool with a firearm that I linked to Sunday last is now seeing widespread linky-love in the gun-blogosphere.  Good; it's a meme that needs to be spread far and wide.

     Stop making them famous! 

     Yes, cover it -- it's news. But stop treating these jumped-up failures like they were Pol Pot or Charles Manson.  Stop with the six-day grief-fest on national news and instead promote healing.  If the media and their fave pols want to hand out some more gun-control rants, fine; but don't pretend these sickies are some new Everyman, or that we could stop them by melting down all the AR-15s that ever were.

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Jay Dee said...

It's certainly a good idea and would probably work. The problem is that the sensational coverage serves the agenda of more government & more gun control. In addition, the alternative is the media might have to start covering the misdeeds of their guy in the White House. Sacrificing the lives of a few innocent bystanders is far preferable.