Monday, November 18, 2013

W For Welles

     Sunday, as the storms roared through, I had the pleasure of introducing Tam to the Orson Welles "free-form documentary," F For Fake.

     If you've never seen it, it's something of a precursor to Penn & Teller's Bullshit!* (right down to the use of magic as a...metaphor?), something of an art movie about art and a fake about fakers, and contains several splendid Welles monologues, with the spot-on timing and intonation that makes him such a pleasure to listen to.  To tell you too much about the work would be to spoil the fun -- while it is at times self-indulgent, the payoff makes it worthwhile and in the meantime, you're carried along on a trip through times and places you'd've otherwise never have seen.

     Heck, Tam didn't even fall asleep.
* While I'm reluctant to use rough language, that is the title of the series and the pair have put forward an excellent reason why.

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