Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Former Officer Bisard, Off To Jail

         David Bisard, the IMPD officer who struck a group of motorcyclists three years ago, killing one and injuring others while intoxicated on duty, has been sentenced to sixteen years in jail.

     While he has expressed remorse, he's still maintaining he wasn't drunk at the time.  The jury disagreed and the judge has made undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse a part of Bisard's sentence.

     Still to come: a second DUI charge, stemming from an incident while he was out on bond; that DUI put him back behind bars and he's facing an additional year in jail if found guilty.

     And yes, it's "former officer:" he resigned this week, before IMPD could get around to firing him.


Alien said...

Satisfying in the end, but not; too little, too late. Had the Powers That Be at IMPD been paying attention, and acting with the responsibility with which they had been charged, neither his life nor the ones he affected would be ruined.

A lesson in the way gummint functions, everywhere, at all levels.

Joe said...

Is it true he gets his pension since he "resigned"?

Guffaw in AZ said...

Well, at least he's off the sidewalks, eh, streets.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

He should have resigned the day after the accident.

Well, at least he'll have a good long time to meditate on his sins in the pokey. Not that that brings back the people he killed.

Anonymous said...

Learn the truth about cops and see what they don't want you to see:

Dave in Indiana said...

I'll be surprised if the case isn't appealed and the sentence verdict or sentence reduced.

Between the ringer IMPD had in the courtroom reporting who said what back to his fellow employees / potential witnesses and the juror researching Busard and the case on line over the weekend before deliberations the case looks ripe for a sympathetic appellate judge to allow in his/her court.