Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Different Kind Of Listicle

     I always thought "Listicle" was an icicle made of mouthwash, but it appears not.

     1.  From somewhere, I have picked up a cough.  It's a real doozy, like knives in my chest and throat, but strikes infrequently.  Took some of Tam's OTC "fix it all" cough syrup last night and this morning, I'll get something a little more targeted.

     2. The eye doctor got worried about "floaters" and other symptoms in my left eye yesterday, dilated both eyes hugely to have a better look, then had to put off the very last part of the exam because I had a vast and persistent after-image in the central vision of that eye (funny, that -- shine a bright light into someone's fully-dilated eyes and they get an after-image?  Who knew!), plus rainbows around everything.  I'd ridden the scooter, since I don't usually have to get eye drops.  It made for an...interesting ride home, down the best-shaded streets I could find.  Rainbows.  Sheesh.  (See, kids?  Don't do drugs.  At least not these drugs, they're a PITA.)

     All of which is trumped by 3.: Mom is back in the hospital, this time with a cracked femur.  Somehow, the geniuses in the "full care" area of her retirement home, where she has been recovering from treatment for pneumonia, managed to roll her right out of bed while changing the sheets -- and then loaded her back aboard and failed to mention it until shift change.  Needless to say, my family is greatly displeased.  My brother was in town, which meant I didn't have to carry my cough up there to chew 'em out.  (Need to add "hospital mask" to the list of things to pick up at the drugstore.)  Please keep my Mom in your thoughts.

     Which brings us to 4. It's gun show weekend!  The Indy 1500, no less, so prudence and good practice calls for at least a walk-through today or tomorrow.


Sendarius said...

I read somewhere that a couple of squares of chocolate at bedtime is more effective than most of the OTC cough medicines at suppressing a cough, allowing you to get some sleep (the best medicine after all).

As a certified chocoholic, I decided to agree with the article. Even if I only THINK that it works, that's something, right?

Anonymous said...

"Be nice, for once."

Huh? Wha? *Moi*? :)

One of the (countless) non-joys of attaining our age are the grand entrances of chronic maladies.

Like persistent sinus problems and the tendencies they have of morphing into bronchitis.

Personally, I find the hacking, barking, coughs are marvelous for keeping other people (who I generally tend to despise like a nice, stinking foot-fungus) the *Hell* away from me.

But that does little good for your present misery. Something sugary-sticky goodness to coat the throat may help, as will a dose of an opioid-based pain-killer that will shut the cough center down for a spell.

Or what the Hell, it's Saturday night, knock down half a bottle of anything 80-proof plus and suffer double tomorrow.

The (non) doctor is now *out*...

All kinds of (non) help, aren't I?

(But! I made you smile, didn't I?)

B said...

Sounds like you have actionable issues with the full care facility.

Just sayin'

fillyjonk said...

Yeah, my grandma suffered a lot of little fractures while in extended care. She had terrible osteoporosis though. But how can caregivers not notice a broken big bone?

For coughs, my mom always used to heat up roughly equal amounts of honey, butter, and lemon juice. There have been studies showing honey is as effective as a lot of OTC cough stuff. Since codeine makes me vomit, it's good to have that recipe in my head for when I need it. (I still make and use it as an adult. I suppose as an adult one could also add a shot of whisky if one wanted)

Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers for your mom. That is unconscionable!

Robin said...

Best wishes to you and your mom, Roberta

Ken said...

Prayers and best wishes inbound for your mom (and for your health), Miz Ecks.