Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Super? Tuesday

     It has come and gone and two of the most divisive figures in modern American politics are in the lead for their respective parties.

     In my opinion, a vote for either one of them is a wasted vote even if they win.  Come November, I will happily vote for the Libertarian candidate for the Presidency -- mind you, I would vote just as happily for any of the orangutans at the Indianapolis Zoo, who, unlike the front-runners, strike me as humane and decent creatures.

     "B-but SCOTUS!" some of you will say.  Yeah, what about it?  One of the two will indeed nominate a partisan ideologue to the High Court -- and the other one doesn't much care for the rule of law, to the point of already arrogating powers to the office of the President specifically assigned to the other two branches of government. Disaster, meet disaster.

     If it's any relief to you those of you who have chosen sides -- and, really, I'm happy for you, that you've found something in which to believe, no matter how dire or asinine I find the thing itself -- I'm millimeters from returning to my previous policy of not voting at all and just leaving the electoriocracy to picking their very bestest fave-on-horseback while I tend to my knitting and deal with encroachments up close and personal if and when it becomes necessary.

     Sure, "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down," but it's the nail he doesn't see that goes clean through the hammerer's shoe sole and into his foot.  Be that nail.  At least don't help hammer your own self down.


Anonymous said...

If you thought this election cycle was... weird, you ain't seen *nothing* yet.

It was just announced Mr. Mitt Rommney has a "Big Announcement!" to be delivered shortly.

The 'Strange' is about to be turned up to (Spinal Tap approved, no less!) '11', if that were possible.

'Something Wicked, This Way Comes'.


(Best wishes to your Mom)

Roberta X said...

Well, I suppose it's entertaining, in a grim sort of way.

Anonymous said...

John "Occupy Broadripple" Hallgarth supported Ron Paul last time. Good odd that Trump is is man this time.

Joe in PNG said...

One of the bad thing about this year is that Hunter Thompson and HL Mencken aren't around to write about it.

Douglas2 said...

We might even get John McAfee as the Libertarian nominee, just to add the missing element of paranoid to the mix of crazy.