Friday, April 29, 2016

"Tick-tock, Ms. X! Tick-tock!"

     It's off to the shower for me.  I took more time than I should making breakfast, though very little of it was actual work: Eggs Pomodoro, a can of crushed tomatoes, assorted spices ("Italian seasoning" with plenty of basil, a little cilantro, chives, freeze-dried onion, celery seed, pepper, and some paprika on the eggs) and a small can of mushrooms that wanted used up, graced by three eggs and some Spanish cheese.  Get the sauce hot, pat some little hollows into which you crack the eggs, sprinkle them with little bits of cheese, cover and ignore until they're as poached as you prefer.*

     Tamara wandered through the kitchen half-awake, blinked at the stuff simmering away and allowed as how she'd pass: "That's too complicated to eat this early in the morning!"

     A good point; indeed, I used up most of my early-morning cleverness eating mine and now here you are, left with another food post.  The politicians will have to snark one another this morning -- but they do love it so.
* As an evening meal, fresh onions, mushrooms and perhaps a bit of meat in the sauce elevate this to something that goes quite comfortably with salad and garlic bread.

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