Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Have Grilled The Flank Steak

     Oh. My. Heavens.  It's glorious!  Hardwood charcoal (and some of the rosemary twigs I have been saving), the usual simple salt and pepper beforehand, plus a quick working-over with the tenderizing hammer, not too vigorously.  Popped it on the grill for five-six minutes a side, applied a little Irish butter to each side's first hot turn up, and let it sit a few minutes after I took it off the grill.
     The result is tender, flavorful, a bit like brisket with a lovely smokey flavor. 
     Served with a baked potato and simple salad -- arugula, red bell pepper, tomato, green onions, black olives and a garlic mushroom that needed et.

     And tomorrow, I'll be finding out if flank steak hash might be a thing. 


Anonymous said...

Flank sliced *very* thin is wonderful in sandwiches.

Especially with a stout Horseradish sauce...

(Keep the steak separated from the bread until just before eating, if it's a work lunch.)

Anonymous said...

Try flat iron steak when you get a chance. About a dollar more per pound than flank is around here, but totally worth it.