Monday, May 09, 2016

And Now It's Monday

     Went to see Mom X yesterday afternoon.  She's doing much better.  Took her a lovely pink and green hydrangea -- a live one, so it will last.  My sister had brought her an orchid of similar hues, in a tall glass container with no dirt(!) - just add water for half an hour a couple times a week, and pour the water off afterward.

     Tam and I have got a lot done with the yard.  There's plenty more still to do, and a week of off and on rain to keep us from it, but progress has been made and expectations are more-or-less high.

     And now it's Monday:

     Back to the shrug.  It pays well and the toys are wonderful.  And every time the music stops, there are fewer chairs left.

     I have got to get back to writing fiction regularly.


Anonymous said...

It seems as if there is more rain this year than is normal. More by a lot. I haven't looked at the almanacs just my very unscientific observation of the fact that I've gotten my riding mower stuck in the mud in places that are usually dry.

Must be global warming.

Kevin Kirk said...

This is late, but the last line requires a response - yes you do need to write more! I got your book yesterday, and finished it this morning. I rather like the way you portray your world, as just another place to work, only with a few hazards not normally encountered. The title fits very well with that idea. I work on generators, you work on a starship.

Kevin Kirk

Robin said...

That's good news.