Thursday, May 19, 2016


     Remember the choripán from a few days ago?  The corner grocery has all the ingredients for an American version: chimichurri sauce, crusty French bread, Italian sausage.  So for yesterday's dinner, I fried a couple of 'em, loaded the results into French bread, slathered on the sauce, cut it into handy lengths (which would make them choripanes, no?) and Tam and I dug in.

     Let's just say it's even better than you think.  Probably tastier yet if you grill the sausage.  I used sweet Italian sausages and butterflied them before pan-frying, but you could try the hotter ones and/or leave 'em whole.  Some variations add chopped onion and that would be nice, but even without, it's a real treat, spicy/savory and heavy on the umami.  Served it with a simple salad: grape tomatoes, Anaheim peppers and lovely, buttery mâche lettuce.*
* Thirteen years ago, it was a newcomer to the vegetable aisle and the harvesting was tricky.  It's not too difficult to find now, so they must have got all that worked out.


Joe Mama said...

Pictures??? On the internet, it did not happen if you do not post pics.

Salivating in Michigan


Roberta X said...

It kinda went from skillet to plate to gullet before either of us took a photo. Maybe next time.