Thursday, July 07, 2016

Still Sick

     Better, but weak, achy, sore of throat and unhappy of sinus.  The Drive-Thru Doctor says this is a viral upper respiratory tract infection, for which treating the symptoms and applying Tincture of Time is the effective treatment (and luck of the draw, I got the friendly-compassionate young woman this time; all of the M.D. staff at Immediate Care are pretty darned good, especially at the kinds of ailments that fall squarely in their specialty, but she's one of the ones that treats patients as more than puzzles to be solved with politeness and speed).  Doc-inna-box Inc. called in a 'scrip for high-test naproxen sodium* but it does not appear my pharmacy noticed; paracetamol and aspirin have answered nicely instead.

     Nevertheless, a house that seems "kinda warm" to Tam is chilly to me except when my fever spikes, and I'm mostly sleeping or puzzling over the strange way in which gravity seems to have increased and gone subtly askew.  Doc says 48 hours (+/-) is the typical run of these, a median figure I'll be hitting along about 8:30 or 9 tonight.  I should be delighted to find myself average in this respect.
* Which spell-check insists should be "provenance sodium."  Oh, well-played!  But wrong.  I don't care where it came from.