Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vice-Presidential Hijinks: Maybe It's A Message?

     If so, it's not one the bosses of the two big Boot On Your Neck parties want to hear.  From Wikipedia, editing mine:

     "Vice Presidential voting has been problematic since the beginning, as [...] it provides for mischief, as was the case in 1972's Democratic Convention where the vote was scattered between 50 'candidates' and 1976 Republican convention, where the vote was also scattered widely. In 1988, both parties decided to have the designated candidate nominated by 'suspending the rules' and declaring him or her nominated by 'acclamation.' The last Vice Presidential roll call vote was at the 1984 Republican convention."

     Yeah, that's right, you got it: delegates to the Party conventions, about as sure a group of sure things as you could find outside of tourists lined up to buy the Brooklyn Bridge, started putting up some fuss and bother over the Veep, an office once described as being "as useful as a pitcher of warm spit on a hot August day,"* kept doing it year after year in both parties, and the response was to...find a workaround. 

     So, they didn't think it was a message, and maybe more than "we're bored," then?  There's your two parties and their concern for responsiveness and democracy: they just want a nice, smooth coronation. 

     Maybe that's a message, too, but hardly anyone notices.
* Probably bowdlerized by the Press, as it was a long time ago, back when we pretended no role model ever, ever swore.

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