Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Stupid Trick Knee Tricks

     My right knee is not happy.  Sleeping with a nice sealed cold pack on it helped -- the swelling is way down and it is not as painful -- but it still hurts plenty.

     Sunday, Tam and I walked about two-thirds of the width of the State Fairgrounds and back again, with the slow Gun Show Shuffle through the Indy 1500 in between.  It was a nice show, nice they way they often are when I go without any fun money to spend, and the elfin young woman who has taken over the knife-sharpening work at these shows did a wonderful job with my Japanese carpenter's knife.  But the hard-floor slow walk at these events is always rough on my bad knee and the long walk before and after does not appear to have helped.


waepnedmann said...

The old men with faces grimaced by pain while they limped around Walmart with their canes and wearing Hawaiian shirts always raised the bile into my throat.
I guess it was fear.
And now I am one of those old men.
Get a cane. Only use it for county fairs and gun shows.
They are a pain in fanny to carry around and at first, you will leave them leaning at the counters of various retail outlets.
But, you will hurt less at the end of the day.
On second thought, you probably have another good fifteen years before the pain grinds down your pride.
Anti-inflamatories, elevation, and ice help and it gives you a good excuse to catch up on all of the books you have wanted to read or write.
At times, I reflect on the account of the gimped-up old toothless Kurd who participated in the attack on an ISIS stronghold: he would hobble forward for for a dozen yards or so, throw down his cane, unsling his AK, flop down, engage the enemy, get up, sling his AK, pick up his cane and hobble forward. Rinse and repeat. All with an ear to ear grin on his face.
Time will be the victor, but we can aspire to be the happy warrior in the battle.
So, it's off to PT this morning.

waepnedmann said...

Had a thought while getting ready head out.
Attitude is everything (except air, blood, dehydration, hypothermia, heatstroke, etc.).
I bet that Kurdish " Happy Warrior" probably had some attitude adjustment from some high-grade opium prior to battle.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm sorry about your knee, glad it's at least marginally better.

The weather change is killing me, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, you name it, it hurts. And I'm going up to Fort Wayne for the hamfest on the 18th, so the show shuffle on hard concrete won't help with that. Getting old is hell.

Maybe my wife is right about that whole snowbirding in Florida thing.

Jeffrey Smith said...

My knee also sympathizes. I have a foldable cane, so it can be packed for trips.

BTW, if you don't mind passing a note along to Tam, in regards to her post this afternoon: take a look at a map of the MBTA. Green Line for years meant to me "this way to Grandma's house".

Anonymous said...

Diclofenaco Gel 1.16% (topical) has helped me tons with a bad hip joint. Basically deadens the nerves of what it applied to. Works for several hours. Warnings include limiting to 4 times a day. I only use it once, twice tops.

Prescription here in U.S, sold over the counter in Mexico. Pretty inexpensive there, 50 gram tube for $10. Here, definitely more coin, about three times as much last time I checked.

Hope you find a solution soon - sux to have old injuries come back. I'm well over 50 so know that 1st hand.

Roberta X said...

Jeffrey, this is not Tam's comment section and if people try using it for that purpose, it may attract the same bugs that led her shutting down comments on her blog. Please don't do that.

RandyGC said...

I sympathize with you. Did Hamvention with what turned out to be my first attack of gout. And the current weather isn't helping anything.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon, I'll be there next weekend as well.

Roberta, hopefully you can make it as well. I'm always up for an eyeball QSL