Thursday, February 01, 2018

Politics Isn't Junior High

    Or maybe it is.  In what possible way does it make any sense to proclaim that the President is a dangerous, scary bad guy who needs to be watched -- and then proudly announce you boycotted his State Of The Union speech?

     Pick one.  Me, I figure all Presidents -- and Congressthings, too -- darned well ought to be watched, and closely.  I know, I know -- the guy you voted for is a saint and a genius, too; it's only those Presidents from the other party who are malign morons and/or evil schemers.  Nevertheless, if they're wonderful, keeping an eye on them will do no harm and if they're not, it'll do a lot of good to know what they're up to, as much as we ever can.

     This isn't Junior High and refusing to sit with that horrid Betsy Johansen at lunch -- or watch the POTUS tryin' to tell Congress it's all good and getting better except for the parts he rilly-rilly wants them to legislate about -- will not, in fact, prove any kind of a point or help improve things.


Paul said...

Got that right. I did not like Jr High or High school overly much anyway.

But I watch them all. And it is nice that the rest is as well for a change.

Roberta X said...


Zendo Deb said...

Actually I think politics is becoming more and more like high school or junior high.

Reasoned discourse went out sometime in the 50s or 60s I'm guessing.

The once every 4-year circuses known as conventions are about as exciting as a pep rally for the swim team. And serve about as much point.

OldTexan said...

I think politics have always been rough and nasty however the media used to put a better picture on things, in the old days J. Edgar Hoover had so much dirt on various media people it is my impression he would tell them who to be nice to and who to screw around. I am not sure it always worked that way but I know the 1960 Nixon - JFK election was really a put up job behind the scenes. Later the press took after LBJ and gave him a whole lot of what the probably deserved, they we got Tricky Dick who did some good things getting us our of Nam and then he did stupid things and got caught. I am old enough to remember some of the nasty crap and who know what got swept under the rug.

I don't buy the BS crap from the local folks running for office next month to the national elections, they are mostly self serving egotistical jerks who remind me of the ego kids in high school who ran for various positions. At a class reunion some years ago a classmate, a woman who has been a close friend of mine since kindergarten came up to me when they were announcing who was the least changed and most wonderful and all that crap, she leaned over and whispered, those same bitches who rigged the cheerleader elections decades ago are stilly cheating a screwing with the ballot box.