Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I Mowed The Lawn

     Yes, I did, or mowed the front yard, anyway, which is the one that counts the most.  Even with the hot spell over, it's tiring work; afterward, I made a little dinner (chimichurri skirt steak, which Tam had picked up at the grocer) and went to bed soon after.

     And this morning, I'm hurrying around to get to a meeting at work about a new online personnel/HR system.  In the middle of a week off.  Because meeting.

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John in Philly said...

Preparing to mow the lawn this week involved rewelding the cracks near the hood hinges, and making and installing a pair of supports to try to alleviate the problems of a bad design.
We know we are the third owners (maybe the number is higher) and the mower is at least 25 years old.
I have the skills and the tools to do the repairs, and I'm enjoying seeing just how long we can keep it running.
Sitting on the mower and turning fuel in clippings I don't really enjoy all that much.